Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 85: Dads n Daughters

This post is to share a recent list I came across that gives advice for Dads to Daughters.  I think you will enjoy this list.

50 Tips for Dads of Daughters

Day 84: Hello Governor (Gov'narh)

We couldn't be more proud of our son!  Among many accomplishments he has recently been selected as a Governor's Scholar!!  

The good news is that he will get to experience a wonderful 5 week program to help prepare him for his future.  The bad news is that it's a 5 week program ;(

It's hard to let go--but it's part of the aches and pains of parenting that are small in comparison to the many JoYs of parenting! 

We are so excited for this opportunity and know he will have a wonderful time.  He's becoming a fine young man!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 83: Revisit JK Wedding Dance

In 2010 the JK Wedding Entrance Dance craze hit the world by storm and made everyone dance and cheer along!  There have been several replicas but the original still makes me cry tears of JoY!

Since the phenomenon, the couple have created a website for donations of domestic abuse prevention.  I thought I'd post it here, along with the original video that made headlines.

Day 82: Date Nights

You don't have to be married 20 years to realize the value of Date Nights!  We have been very careful to continue dating throughout our marriage and hopefully it sends a good message to our kids for them to see that we still "date".  It is important to have that couple time in addition to family time.  I always enjoy time alone with my husband......but we often go out with friends too and both are great ways to reconnect and rekindle that IN LOVE feeling!  I would suggest making it happen at least every month....but some folks are fortunate enough to make it happen every week.  Our schedule lends itself to more frequent date nights during the summer so we make the most of it! 

Here's to good friends and great date nights!

Day 81: Art

We have been so blessed that our kids have been taught Art by a very special artist and friend.  She is so amazing and she asked if she could paint one of our pictures......well it just turned out awesome!  She's been a great inspiration and influence on our children as well as being a wonderful friend!

Day 80: Piano Recital

This was baby girl's 3rd Piano Recital and we are so proud of her!!  She's an amazing spirit with a musical gift among others.  I've posted before about how I could listen to her play piano all day and she just keeps getting better!  Plus, she's started teaching her big sis how to play!

Day 79: Banquets, awards and Promotion Ceremony

Hard to believe we have hit another milestone with 8th grade promotion and will now have 2 in High School!!!  We have been busy this Spring with special events such as Soccer banquets, awards ceremonies, etc.  Fun to go down memory lane......and we couldn't be prouder of our children!

Day 78: Proms

The years keep flying by and we find ourselves at yet another PROM!  This one was our oldest's junior prom where he made the Prom Court!  We are always proud of him and cannot believe we are nearing that SENIOR year!!! 

Day 77: Mother's Day

Mother's Day is always special and my sweet family makes it so!  

I especially love their own original works of art or crafts!

Day 76: Revolving restaurant

I recently attended a conference and brought my girls along with me.  We got to experience a revolving rooftop floor restaurant. I can remember my dad taking me to one when I was little while traveling to a conference with him so it was pretty cool to get to take my girls in the same situation. This was their first time ever being in a revolving floor restaurant and it was pretty cool!

And the dessert bar cart was pretty sweet!!

Day 75: Soup care

About a month ago I got really sick.  My sweet daughter helped me feel so much better by bringing me this.

I just had to post on her caring and sweetness!!  She is precious to me and will make an amazing mother some day!!!  All of my kids take such good care of anyone in the family when they're sick!  Blessed beyond measure!

Day 74: Rosary bracelets

This Easter we got rosary bracelets!  Thought these were really neat and had to finally post!

Day 73: Hands

This pic is one I've wanted to take for a while now and even though it was taken with my phone, and it's not the best quality-at least I finally have it.  
It's a generational pic of hands; mine, my mother's and my daughter's.  

Day 72: RED

I can hardly believe I've not posted about this yet--but I managed to take my girls to another Taylor Swift concert.  This was her RED tour and we made a girls' night of it with one of my best friends, her daughter, a cousin and my girls. 

It truly was an excellent show and I've mentioned before but Taylor Swift does an outstanding job of making it feel intimate by positioning herself on 2 stages and making a wave through the crowd on some motorized rig. Last time it was a rotating balcony and this time it was more of a rotating/floating cart.  It really gets her up close and personal with more of her crowd and gave us some great photo ops.  

I will always remember doing these concerts with my girls! And while we didn't get into her "club RED" (which is what she now calls her T-party) it was still an awesome experience for us! 

Day 71: Air conditioning

I have fond memories of my childhood.  Particularly of spending summer nights with windows open--enjoying not only the breeze but also the sounds of summer night critters.  

Recently, I was reminded of this as my son prefers to have the AC running full throttle (perhaps he's part eskimo!) and I remembered how we slept with windows open during summer nights.  It was often cool enough that we didn't need the AC running (granted, this was summer nights in Pennsylvania and Michigan so temps were cooler than southern states).  But part of that summer experience was sleeping with the sounds of summer.  

I also remember fondly, a neighbor friend who was more like a 2nd grandmother.  She grew a garden and taught us about many things.  When her grandchildren would visit we had week-long sleepovers because they were our ages and we'd play together all summer.  She introduced me to the delicious combination of coffee ice cream and cantaloupe fresh out of her garden!  I can still taste it!  Not a combination I would have ever thought to put together but yum, was it good!  We played all day and then had sleepovers upstairs in their attic bedroom (which I thought was so cool because of the slanted ceilings).  The windows were low and you could sleep right beside them with the breeze coming in on top of you.  We barely needed sheets as covers because it was so cool and after catching fireflies in jars--we had the perfect night light for hours.  Great memories--

Day 70: Nature

We have been watching this series on Discovery Channel called North America.  If you haven't checked it out--you should.  It is amazing-cinematography- quality footage of the most incredible nature North America has to offer.  We have been recording the episodes (gotta love DVR!) and watching it with our whole family. It's just so, so good.  I had to devote a post to God's glory of nature! The circle of life and the intricate perfection of it all is displayed in this series. 

Day 69: Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake has taken over the internet!  It's been fun seeing everyone's versions but this one is special because it reminds me of the JK Wedding dance video that went viral a few years ago.  It is a Wedding Harlem Shake and I think you'll enjoy it too!.

Something about these 2 (this Harlem Shake and the JK Wedding dance) make me cry with tears of joy every time I watch them.  I don't know what it is.....perhaps an overwhelming feeling of happiness--and I LOVE to see people having a good time together.  Or maybe it is just the epitome of JOY and all that life has to offer in the way of happiness and experiences.  Whatever it is that brings me to tear up--I know that I am inspired buy them and they are uplifing.  So I want to SHARE them as often as I can!!

Netti Wedding Harlem Shake 2
 (added a 2nd version slightly different camera angle)

Day 68: Sibblings

There is truly no greater gift than children!  I've said it all along.  but there's an aspect of having children that I truly adore and that is watching our children interact with one another.  Naturally--they are human and so there will be occasional bickering but for the most part-we feel truly blessed that our kids get along so well.  They truly are kind to each other, take up for each other, and are great to each other.  When I see or hear of their friends and how they may treat their siblings  or when we are out in public and we see siblings being mean or ugly to each affirms our appreciation of how special our kids are.  

 Then there's the fact of all of the kids being together (because we realize that this too will change as they grow up and move out :(  and we adore when they are all laughing or in a room together........or especially when they all get in a marathon of watching old episodes of Friends, The Office or Star Wars movies together.  When they were younger, it was building forts with blankets and couch cushion obstacle courses all over the living room floor!  This has been going on since they were very little......(I am reminded of Cali saying "harr---borrh"  as she imitated Darth Vader's scary voice!!!)  Precious memories!!!

Day 67: SuMMeR

Well I have definitely been slacking on blogging (self-proclaimed) little Miss Mommy-Pants!!!  But it's SuMMeR and now I have a little .....emphasis on little....more time. One thing is soccer camps and practice have me up early running kids off here and there so I may as well use this down time in between wisely ;)

First on my mind is how much I love summer!  But I think it boils down to this:  I love TIME with my family. I love when everyone is home--and we're together--no matter what we may be doing.  This week it was swimming, mowing, riding bikes, summer camp, soccer practice and a couple summer basketball games.....then dinners, popcorn and movies or just hanging out together -talking and laughing!  

These are treasured times because in just a few years......the kids will be grown and we don't take any of it for granted.  We cherish every bit of our life together.  We just watched a couple home videos.  Wow!  That really brings it all into perspective.  We realize how quickly times goes by and how much JOY and fun having children has been and continues to be.