Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 10: Precious~

There is nothing better than being a mom........or parenthood for that matter........I know it is God's greatest and the gift of children.....and mothering, while it is a huge is also an enormous blessing!  Our children grow up too much as that is a is the truth.  And I have enjoyed every minute of my precious time with my precious, precious children. This post is about quickly children grow. 

My daughters are fans of Taylor Swift......and let me just say that I am not usually big musical fans of the fad-typical-Disney-turned drughead coming of age STARS that seem to be everywhere we turn these days.......but I must admit, that Taylor Swift certainly seems to be different.  My girls tell me that she WRITES her own music and from what I have listened to, she writes very well.  I have also only seen her perform on tv or videos and she seems to have a fresh, silly, don't- take -me -too -seriously attitude.  Which I like.  So last night, my girls came to me with this song of Taylor Swift's that I MUST hear--and I was pleasantly shocked!  The song is "Never Grow Up" and I was in tears by the end of it........but what surprised me the most was how she (Taylor Swift) was able to write the song and completely GET the perspective of loving your daughter from a mother's view.  Wanting to protect them, hold onto them and cherish all those little moments......such as tucking them in bed.....and holding their small hands.  Taylor Swift wrote about it beautifully.  And so after we enjoyed the song, and dried our eyes :)  I told my girls that as hard as it is to let your children Go and is an absolute JOY to watch them grow up......and that they would ENJOY every stage of their lives.  I told them how much I have enjoyed mothering them and watching them grow......and then my youngest said "mommy, wanna do my Science fun kits now?"  Absolutely!!  (She only asked Santa for 2 things by the way......BOOKS and Science fun kits--gotta love her simplicity!!)  --so spa bound we were (at home spa that is......with real oatmeal and honey face masks to boot!)
And that is when I realized that Taylor Swift must have a good relationship with her own mother to be able to write so authentically about growing up from a mother's perspective.......because she's still so young.....but then again.......maybe that's just part of her GIFT and either case, I'm certainly glad she's sharing her GIFT  and I thoroughly enjoyed her song.  Give it a listen sometime--
Day 10: The Joys of Motherhood

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Blessings Abound!!

Well the Wonderful Holiday Season is winding down.........the Christmas Rush is Through (Karen Carpenter) to speak.  I just cannot express the warmth in my heart for all the blessings in my life.  We have had an amazing Christmas!!!  With incredible family time and I absolutely cherish every bit of it!!  I realize that this world we live in........occupies so much of our family time.  I think in simpler time was exemplified in different ways......and I'm so grateful for the small, woven- in samples of life that resemble those simpler days.  Oh of course the technology of our moden day living is ever present......we just did "FACE TIME" today on the new iphone 4s *(which is WAYYY COOL, I might add) but just that element of being at home and being TOGETHER--in the simple daily routines.........breakfast, laundry, listening to each other share stories that are all too often wedged aside to the back burner of family conversations.......only to await when that OPEN spot reveals itself ........and there is enough quietness for reflection, rememberance, and recall and then POOF......those stories emerge....the kids are talking, playing games and really CONNECTING with each other...over warm, delicious chocolate chip pancakes......or steamy, hot cocoa overflowing with marshmallows AND whipped cream (yeah--we do it RIGHT!).......and that is when we (the parents) can really take it ALL IN........and let it simmer.---THAT is what I absolutely TREASURE MOST!!!!!
Happy 2011 to ur family.  May the days ahead be Merry and Bright!!!!  And May U open ur heart to Christ......if u haven't already......and if u have......may u strive for a greater closeness in deepening that relationship with Him!! 
DAY 9: FamilyTime