Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 66: Father of the Bride's words of wisdom

This video came across facebook today and it reminded me of one that my husband did when he was in the wedding video business years ago.  He always shared the best or funniest clips with us and we'd always laugh or cry or clap together watching them.  This video is NOT one that my husband did, but it is so similar in nature and I wanted to share it.  The father of the bride is giving away his baby girl......and while we are still a few years away from this big never hurts to start preparing "that" speech ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 65: Sewing barbie clothes

When I was a little girl I loved Barbies and would play for hours on end.  I also learned how to sew and would take any clothes that no longer fit as an opportunity to get fabric for my fashion ideas!  I had so many outfits for my Barbies that I made myself including pillows for Barbie, blankets etc.  So I was eager to hand this tradition down to my own girls.  This weekend was that time.  I had a pair of pants on the chair waiting to go to Goodwill when my daughter said "Mom, let's sew a dress for Barbie with this fabric."  I couldn't resist.  It was a very nice fabric for a dress ;) 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 64: A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

So there's this really cool new internet phenomenon called KidPresident. He's a kid with a condition that makes his bones easily broken.....and he's a kid with a heart that will melt yours! His personality is absolutely adorable and he's working with some cool folks at to make videos that are uplifting, inspiring and just have to see for yourself. I'm a fan! He's kind of my new hero! The world needs more AWESOME and he will inspire you to dance!!

Blessings and Enjoy~

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 63: Sisterly Bond

I've written many times about the wonderful blessings our children are......and remember, that's what this blog is all about, after all.  Me sharing my memories of their childhood, and other tid-bits of day to day life, and even some corny-nostalgic-keepsake-types of information that I want them to be able to go back and read over.....ya' know......even when I'm gone. So this post is no different.  It's just another one of those sweet memories that I'd like to write down in the "baby books" (as we call it around our house).

So last night my older daughter found this cool new app allows you to create e-cards (through American Greetings I believe) and you can personalize them with your own photos, message etc.  Well so that's nothing new....but the plus to this particular app is that it also included Taylor Swift music with the e-card (and if you've been reading now you KNOW how much my girls...and Taylor Swift!)  So this was a no-brainer!  And while my older daughter was browsing around on the app......I noticed my younger daughter getting that "gleam" in her eyes.  Within minutes of being shown the app's capabilities....she whispers to me "mom, can I make one for sis and send it to her through your facebook or twitter?"  I thought, well that's sweet.....but I wasn't sure about all the privacy settings on everything and I'm still protective of my children with social media. (Remind me to tell you about some baaaddddd appps we've encourntered!  Saved for another post perhaps! ;)

So my younger daughter proceeds to create her masterpiece and in a few minutes she shows it to me.  It was adorable!  After thinking it over....and realizing I could limit who actually sees the e-card.....I decided to let her send it.

Now here's where it gets really sweet......of course my oldest loved it, and of course my youngest loved that she loved it.....but after listening to them downstairs thanking and hugging.....I then hear feverent laughter.  And the comment....."you know, we can just marry each other if Mr. Right doesn't happen to show up!"  Which made me literally laugh out loud!  How cute!!  It's as if they were bonding on a new level.....teaming up to face life's challenges and proclaiming their love and support of one matter what!  How can you ask for more than that?  Sisterly Bond at it's best!!! 

On a similar note--I'll just quickly add that they also just this week discovered another which allows them to make their own music videos to ANY music they have on their Ipod....and they made one for the tear-jerking, Taylor Swift song, "Don't You Ever Grow Up".   I think I've posted before about hearing this song for the first time and it making me cry.  Well that was nothing compared to what their original music video did for their Daddy when he watched it.  :)  Brought new meaning to the term "ballin'"  if you know what I mean.  :)  It was another sweet memory.  One I'll always remember and one......for the books!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 62: Loyal friendships

We love our pets!  All my life we've grown up with a family dog (or two or three), a family cat, sometimes cows and horses and my father always taught me to stop and smell the roses where our animals were concerned.  You can learn so much from animal's behavior.  They truly are unique creatures with definite relationships among each other and their owners. 

I'm reminded of my father rolling in the floor with his favorite dog, Missi.  He was about 60 and it was as if she was one of his children as they literally wrestled and rolled around affectionately on the floor.  So many stories. 

Another time my dad was on a horse trail ride with several others and his horse got stuck.  They began sinking in the water and my father had to get off and try to keep the horse from drowning.  One of the other horses and dogs that were on this ride stayed right there with them until they could be rescued.

Another time one of our dogs was hit by a car and our other dog literally stayed 'post' at the sight of the accident for several hours after.  It was as if he was honoring/mourning the loss of his best bud.

When one of our horses passed away several years back, the other horse literally went nuts running the field and jumping fence posts. It appeared to be a fit and he couldn't take being without his longtime field companion.

Then there's our sweet shepard mix, Zach.  He had a thing for storms and he didn't like for me to be out mowing when a storm came.  One time he came off the porch and literally circled me on the mower.  At first I didn't know what he was up to......but after he circled me the 3rd time I decided to turn and follow him.  Sure enough, he lead me back from the field up to the house and to the porch and no sooner than I hit the driveway with the mower, did a huge storm cloud appear out of nowhere and heavy rain begin to pour down.  I laughed until I cried.  How did this dog know there was a storm coming and how on earth did he manage to communicate to me that he wanted me out of harms way? 

This video clip epitomizes the love and loyalty that animals can share.  It is from CBS and it really does speak to the power of relationships, love and loyalty.