Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 24: TOMS!

So it might seem devote a post to a shoe brand. But this brand is different. They are a shoe philanthropy--at least they promote that if you buy a shoe, they will donate one to a needy child. If you're going to have a shoe least this one makes a worthy cause out of it!
I have a pair of TOMS. They are very comfy. I bought the wedge in blue tye-dye. I'd like to get the pink glitter but my friend recently told me that they were coming out in with flats. So.....I may have to indulge :)

What's a girl without her shoes, huh?? Shoe-less? Still a girl......None-the-lace!

Day 23: Imagination

I was recently working from my laptop/........when I peered over the top of it, only to find one of my precious children.......playing with their food right in front of me. Instantly, all the mondane work I was just moments ago so intent on completing--seemed increasingly UNimportant! After all, my daughter was only inches from my screen--my face. Yet I was completely engrossed in the task at hand. Thank GOD I looked up! Thank GOD I realized that HE was showing me that the MOST important thing is being a MOM!

So I watched her a little longer........completely adoring the brilliant imagination that she has. How she can play with two slices of an orange and make up a story so vivid, you would feel as if you've watched it on a screen! When she caught me watching her, she stopped. Then laughed. Then told me the WHOLE story......and it was adorable! So the potato chip was trying to sneak into the healthy food convention.......and the orange rolled over top of the potato chip. Making the potato chip "crunch" underneath the weight of the orange. That meant that the potato chip was recognized and immediately removed from the healthy convention!

What a story--what great detail and what an imagination!!! I love the mind of children! I love their innocence and how they can become so completely enthralled with their creativeness!!! Thank you God for blessing me with children.....who give meaning to my life every day! And who give pure enjoyment by just being themselves!!!

Day 22: Love~

It's already February!! And Love Is in the AIR!! So I'm reflecting upon the loves of my life.....God, my husband, my children........and countless other blessings that I have the good fortune of experiencing. Where is the love? Where is it when we need to SEE it? Feel it? Hear it? Experience it? Know it??
I am going to try and point out a few examples of love that we often overlook. Maybe these are just simple things we do every day. Or maybe they are extraordinary things that we do simply every day! ;) I prefer the later.
Here goes.......10 ways to know love
1- praise Him
2- pray
3-count! I'm talking about count your blessings....... but also
4-count> Make every minute of every day count!
9-Believe/Trust (so much around us is beautiful, blessed and brought to you by G-O-D!
10-Live! Are you living your life the way you dreamed??? Or better??

Ok--so the list is short, to the point and possibly simplistic! But isn't that what we come to realize after all the dust settles??? That LOVE is really just a feeling. Or an act.....of kindness! What has someone done lately that shows you love? What have you done??

Could love truly be......just a mere.......decision, if you will. To know what we have, appreciate it and cherish it! Recognizing that love is all around us! If only we can fill up our hearts with good thought, then proceed with greater actions! Imagine the world??
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Where is YOUR love?