Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 54: Sweet sounds of the season

Well as soon as Halloween is goon and gone ;)  my crew gets ready to listen to Christmas music!!   We feel that there isn't enough Christmas time in the Christmas we love to enjoy the Christmas music for as long as we can!!  As I type this, littlest doll baby Belle is doing her chores whilst playing Christmas music on Pandora!  I've said before how I truly believe Pandora could take me through ANY task......and our sweetness is obviously a chip off the ol' block ;)  because she is working so hard on her chores while Pandora soothes on!!  :) 
I love her sweet spirit!! I love that it's a Friday night and it's a mommy and her girl night!!  Everyone else is out and about......but I have a special night at home with my babygirl!!!  And she is as happy as ever........just finished reading her latest and eating dinner.....and now is on to her chores while Pandora plays Christmas music in the background.  BLESSINGS of the SEASON!!!  Sweet, sweet sounds!!  I love my life!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 53: Thankful post for November 13

13- I am thankful for a positive attitude.  I've always considered myself to be optimistic.  I always looked at the good over the bad and many might say I lived with rose colored glasses, but that's ok.  I think it has taken a different depth as I've grown in my Christian walk because learning Godly wisdom has helped me to realize that often times, it is a matter of choice.  And when we choose to be thankful vs gripeful, when we choose appreciation over deprivation, we will find that our hearts are open to receiving more blessings from the Lord.  And maybe it's nothing more than being aware of those blessings......but one example I have is after reading a Christian parenting book that said something to the effect of changing attitude was a choice and it was not always in our nature to do so.  For some must really work at it--and if it doesn't come naturally, than you just need to be aware of that and consciously work at it in your life.  Then a few weeks later, I was folding laundry and realized I was less than  excited about it--when I was reminded of God's view on it--and quick as that-I flipped my attitude to one of gratitude.....changed the whole perspective on the task at hand and I instantly felt so overjoyed to have 3 wonderful kids TO DO laundry for! It's a choice, really.  Now that doesn't mean I'm perfect now and I always get it right--I don't.  But I am definitely more aware and quicker to catch myself when I'm not having a Godly outlook. 
Then this past summer, I read the book (which I've posted about) where a college friend of mine's daughter has leukemia (Heavenly Birth) and she later founded the reaffirmed my belief that our outlook is very much a choice and in choosing to look at the good, we are much better off than choosing to look at the negatives in any situation.  Some might call it Godly wisdom and I believe we all should seek it!

Day 52: Thankful posts for November 12

12- I am thankful for laughter! :)  It makes everything  better and is an all around spirit-lifter......and when it inolves children, there is no better sound!  I believe I have read somewhere that it produces certain brain chemicals or something......but I definitely know that I love to laugh and be with people who bring it to my life!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 51: Thankful posts for November 11

11-I am thankful for good books to read.  Reading is such a pleasurable experience.....and can border on addiction ;)  but I have found some wonderful books to read over this past year.  And I am thankful for the gift of the author's craft of writing.  It can transcend me to another world or enlighten the one I am currently in.

Day 50: Thankful posts for November 10

10- I am thankful for nature. It's ever-changing beauty is a constant reminder of God's splendor and I appreciate it's glory.

Day 49: Thankful posts for November 9

9- I am thankful for music. It has a unique ability to bring such joy and lift the spirit. 

Day 48: Thankful posts for November 8

8- I am thankful for my friends. Some of whom I have been blessed to know since childhood and others whom we have bonded over painful life experiences, but all of which are dear to my heart and always are there for me--making me laugh or realize that this too shall pass. They are my sanity and I know God has placed each in my life for a reason. We can go months without speaking and it is always as if we just spoke yesterday when we are together. They love, understand, support, carry and inspire and bring more laughter to my life than one can imagine! 

Day 47: Thankful posts for November 7

7- I am thankful for my family. My distant relatives and the relationships that I have formed with them through technology.

Day 46: Thankful posts for November 6

6- I am thankful for  health.  The single thing most taken for granted until it's gone or I am extremely grateful for good health.  Good health of my spouse, children and family members. 

Day 45: Thankful posts for November 5

5- I am thankful for our children. What incredible gifts from God they all are. What unique personalities and talents they each have and how richly they have blessed our lives. 

Day 44: Thankful posts for November 4

4- I am thankful for my husband.  He supports me and loves me and continues to inspire me!  He is my best friend, my confidant and my source of strength.

Day 43: Thankful posts for November 3

3-I am thankful that my parents, particularly my father, taught me about God and my earthly father was my first example of our heavenly father's love. My dad did an amazing job raising his children and I can only hope that my children will hold me in such high regard as I do him.

Day 42: Thankful posts for November 1 & 2

Well the "fad" right now is posting on facebook something that you're thankful for each day in November.  This leads me to thinking that I might try to post each day on my blog something that I'm thankful for.  So here goes-
1- I am thankful for God and His many blessings.  I am thankful for His will to be done in my life and for His forgiveness, love and guidance.
2-  I am thankful for my husband who makes life fun and inspires me daily while remaining the love of my life.