Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 125: Nov. Thankful Day 29

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

Day 124: Nov. Thankful Day 28

Thankful for our children's friends. You will be known by the company you keep and I'm thankful that our children have always made good choices in their friendships. Blessed are we that they have been surrounded by wonderful kids with morals, values and integrity that match their own and that their friends come from Godly, loving families. Friendship is a blessing, and we are thankful out children are making life-long friendships that inspire, support and motivate each other to service and greatness, kindness and humility. We are also thankful for our friendships that have formed through those families.
Proverbs 12:26 One who is righteous is a guide to his neighbor...
Proverbs 13:20 Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise...
Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.


Day 123: Nov. Thankful Day 27

Thankful for these Seniors!! Great time at Meet The Team 

last night and excited for an amazing (final, sniff- sniff) 


Day 122: Nov. Thankful Day 26

 Thankful for Just Dance sessions with my Belle!!

Day 121: Nov. Thankful Day 25

Thankful for a great day/night out with my girls yesterday.

 Catching up and Catching Fire ..... Still catching my 

breath! Wow!

Day 120: Nov. Thankful Day 24

 Thankful that God provides.....may we always appreciate

 wants vs needs.....and oh how blessed we are!


Day 119: Nov. Thankful Day 23

Thankful for my favorite President.......and 3rd grader for 

that matter!-- Kid President

Photo: The world needs a pep talk. Watch it here:

Day 118: Nov. Thankful Day 22

This is the sweetest reunion and greeting ever!! So it 

definitely takes my Nov. Thankfulness Day 22 post!!! 

Thankful that service man and his precious family and baby 

 were reunited before baby's First Thanksgiving and 

Christmas!!! Thankful for his sacrifice and service as well as 

the many other service men and women and their families!


Day 117: Nov. Thankful Day 21

Thankful for an Artist and friend and her sharing her GIFT 

with so many for so many years as a VOLUNTEER guest 

artist! What a blessing she has been and so many children 

has she inspired!

Day 116: Nov. Thankful Day 20

Thankful for the smiles put on my face every day and the 

absolute Laugh Out Loud occurrences that happen daily! 

Day 115: Nov. Thankful Day 19

Thankful for the JOY of being surrounded with the best this

 world has to offer: CHILDREN! 

Day 114: Nov. Thankful Day 18

Thankful for the health and happiness of those I love  

Day 113: Nov. Thankful Day 17

Thankful for my precious and sweet Grand Nieces and Nephew......wish I could smooch on you all more often!!!  Another blessing to being the "baby" of the get to have Grand Nieces and Nephews come along just when you are most missing your own babies being babies!!! :) #thismamalovesbabies

Day 112: Nov. Thankful Day 16

Thankful for perspective!

Day 111: Nov. Thankful Day 15

Thankful for the gazillion and one things on my "Get To" Do 


Day 110: Nov. Thankful Day 14

Thankful for STAPLES-That was easy!


(ok. tongue and cheek here.....but those who know-KNOW)

Day 109: Nov. Thankful Day 13

 Thankful for my dear, sweet, hard working, fashionista, glam squad and super-fun friend, Ali!

Day 108: Nov. Thankful Day 12

Thankful for the beautiful dusting of snow today! 

Day 107: Nov. Thankful Day 11

Thankful for ALL Veterans but especially thankful for MINE! Korean War Vet., Radarman 3rd Class, Good Conduct Medal and National Defense Service Medal! Always proud of you, my dad, my hero, my sweetheart, my love!!
Photo: Nov.Thankfulness Day 11: Thankful for ALL Veterans but especially thankful for MINE!  Korean War Vet., Radarman 3rd Class, Good Conduct Medal and National Defense Service Medal!  Always proud of you, my dad, my hero, my sweetheart, my love!!

Day 106: Nov. Thankful Day 10

Thankful for our loving, uplifting and spiritually leading church family and the Confirmation group 

Day 105: Thankful Day 9

 Thankful for the Dance Team!

Photo: Nov. Thankfulness Day 9: Thankful for the Dance Team!!!!e Team!!!!

Day 104: Thankful Day 8

Thankful our kids get to have one year of high school together!  #Special time   #Blessed

Day 103: Thankful Day 7

I'm thankful for my mother-in-law's birthday dinners. She's been doing them for all her kids n grand kids... for years! She's an excellent cook, but I'd put her fried chicken up against anybody's!

Day 102: Thankful Day 6

 I'm thankful for FRIENDS!!

Photo: Nov. Thankfulness Day 6:  I'm thankful for FRIENDS!!

Day 101: Nov. Thankful Day 5

 I am thankful for my extended family-parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, in-laws, and beyond! They have all touched my life greatly.

Day 100: Nov. Thankful 4

 So thankful my kids appreciate God's glory too! Baby girl saw this this morning n called me on the porch to see it.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 99: Thankful Nov. 3

Day 3-I'm thankful for God's gift of children and our 3 bring absolute JOY to our lives!  

All my life, I looked forward to having children and becoming a mother.  I can recall when my older sister was pregnant with my niece and I was so close to her! From the moment I felt her kick in my sister's tummy-to the first time I held her in my arms.   I felt that unconditional love that you first experience with loving a child.  It was the best thing!  

Then when I got married and we started to plan for having children of out own, we went through a slight scare because I had a pre-cancerous surgery on my cervix, which my Dr. said made it risky to become pregnant.  She wanted us to wait at least a full year before we tried conceiving.  She also said there was a slight chance that I may not be able to conceive after the surgery because of possible scar tissue forming.  I remember feeling so upset at the thought of not having children!  I just couldn't believe that I would ever hear those words and I didn't want to believe it!  Well, my husband and I didn't wait as advised.  We got pregnant right away and THANKFULLY the entire pregnancy went without issue.  We gave birth to a healthy, beautiful, baby boy and all was right in the world!

We went on to have 2 more easy pregnancies and 2 beautiful daughters who are the MOST amazing sisters to each other! 

Children are a GIFT from God and we are so THANKFUL for the blessing of our children! 

Day 98: Thankful Nov. 2

Day 2- I'm thankful for my husband <3 

Day 97: Thankful November

It's November again and you know what that means.  Thankful posts, pumpkin pie, and for our house--Christmas music and Christmas movies and of course--hot cocoa!!  We start celebrating the Christmas season because we enjoy it so much and it seems to go by so fast!  This year, I'm going to try and do the Thankful Post each day.  Well, if I miss a day, I'm going to try and get caught up but I do want to try and get a post up for each day in Nov.  I certainly have plenty to be thankful for so it will be fun to participate.

Day 1- I am thankful for God! His love and mercy and patience with me, His grace and His gifts that He bestows upon me, His goodness, blessings and His will that I seek to accept, His Son, who died for me and my sins. Thank You, Jesus! † So blessed.......