Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 139: Happy

I love this song and found this brilliant!  If you like the song, I'm sure you will enjoy it too!  Life is short--dance and be happy!

You can purchase the song on itunes or just listen online.  I'm not sure how long this site will be active but it sure is fun!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 138 Thanking our "moms"

So I really have to reevaluate this whole "thank your mom" thing because in my life experience, it would be more like thank your dad...for being both a mom and a dad....but this post is still very sweet and will be humorous to you if you are a mom.  

Day 137: Heaven is for real

I have been reading the book, Heaven is for Real. My kids and I watched the movie trailer online a few weeks ago and were completely enthralled so we decided to read it before Easter (when the movie is supposed to come out).

It has an easy flow and if you choose to read it--I'm sure you'll enjoy it.  It's basically about a 4 year old who has appendectomy surgery and goes to Heaven for about 3 minutes while on the operating table.  His accounts are quite fascinating and they certainly help paint a picture of what Heaven is really like.  I won't give too much away (in case anyone reading hasn't read it yet or wants to see the movie) but it isn't an overly religious book even though the father authoring it is a pastor.  It is a very heart warming story and it is touching.  I think my favorite part was hearing that in Heaven, we can fly.  This is something I used to dream about a lot when I was a child-flying.  I later read somewhere that when we're dreaming of flying that we are at our most creatively and it made sense to me.  Flying was such a freeing experience in my dreams and it certainly lessened it's prominence in my dreams as I grew older.  I often wish I could "tap" into that creative-child -like nature more frequently because I so enjoyed those dreams of flying.  So when I read this in the book, I was excited to think that flying is something we can experience again in Heaven.

Another point made in the book is that we see people in heaven.  This interests me because of losing my own father and the fact that my own children do not know him.  I am very excited of this aspect being altered in heaven or made a non-issue.  I feel that my children will get to make up for all that was not part of their earthly experience once they are in heaven with my earthly father as well as our spiritual father.  I long for them to know him like I do. As much as it saddens me that we all missed out on my father's earthly presence, I feel good knowing it will be a non-issue in heaven.  I truly believe that in heaven, it will be as if they knew him all along. And I will get to meet and know my grandmother, whom I missed out on knowing because she left earth before I was born. 

The other parts of the book that impacted me were just thinking about Heaven.  It isn't that I haven't thought about Heaven.  I have. It's just that I haven't thought recently about Heaven and this book inspired me to read some more of the bible (which I feel could only ever be a good thing).  I took a 21 day challenge to read bible passages for 21 days (in a pray like Daniel effort for the month of January) and gain Godly wisdom.  It was during these 21 days that I also read the Heaven is For Real book and another titled, The Temperament God Gave Your Kids.  Both books were very interesting and enjoyable. Both were enlightening and inspiring.  Both made me think about Heaven and our purpose here on earth.  We truly DO have a purpose and our time on earth is relatively small in the bigger picture.  Heaven is REAL and there are a dozen books out there on people's various experiences with it, but I prefer to adhere to a child's perspective. Much of what he experiences is in line with the bible's teachings on heaven.  It was just pleasant to hear it accounted from by a child. 

Day 136: Missing my dad and healing

I've posted before on losing my father at a relatively young age and I've reached a hefty milestone with his passing now.  This May will mark 21 years since he died.  Someone recently posted about having lived longer without their parent than they had with them.  I am almost to that point and reading that woman's post made me reflect.  As I've written before, it doesn't get "easier" as some may say.  At least it hasn't for me but I can tell you that I have definitely healed greatly from the pain of his passing and it is different now.  In some respect, and at some times the pain can feel just as raw but it's almost as if there is some protective field around the wound now.  I can't say it's time.  I can say that in the time that has passed, so many other wonderful blessings have come my way--mainly marriage and my own children.  These blessings have brought me such joy.  Joy that I didn't think I would ever feel again after my father died and it is through God's grace, that I have hurt less and received the gift of JOY more.  I can now remember my father with fondness, love and genuine JOY that I had the blessing of such an amazing man as my father. I can appreciate that, even though he was taken from earth far sooner than I would have liked, he was still here.  He was the man that he was and he impacted my life greatly while he was here.  

Just the other day, I happened to remember one song that I listened to over and over and over again during the first year of mourning my father's passing.  Ironically, I had to actually purchase it (again)  on itunes (although I own the CD and have it somewhere around here!)  I listened to it.  This was the first time in over 20 years that I've listened to the song.  In case you're wondering--the song is "Is it over yet?" by Wynona Judd.  It was probably written for a romantic relationship ending but for some reason--it was my go to song for comfort and it really allowed me to cry.  I mean cry it out, cry!  I think I related the whole tell me when it's over concept to letting go of my dad on earth.  It's as if I knew it was inevitable, yet I couldn't bear to deal with it so I turned to God:  just tell me when it's over, God.   I trusted God through the process.  I know that helped me heal.  He continued to bless me.  I know that helped me heal.  I did the work of mourning.  Thankfully, during our first year of marriage, my husband and I worked opposing shifts so I had a lot of time alone to mourn.  This too, was a blessing.  Within a year, our lives had rapidly changed.  New jobs, a new beautiful baby boy and a home that was once again filled with love and joy.  
I began to heal.    
Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.  (Mathew 5:4)  I am thankful that music helped.  I am also thankful that I can listen to that very same song now and feel stronger.  I have grown and healed by God's grace.   

I pray that my children never have to experience that pain of losing a parent.  But should they ever have to endure anything painful (as I'm sure they will.  It's a part of life.)  I pray that God will be their go-to- and refuge, because I know first hand that He is their number one caretaker and only through Him, with Him and in Him is there hope of healing and strength.  

Day 135: The Wife List

As promised:  here you go guys!

So this could be for my son.....although there are still years between him and marriage......he is of dating age and will venture off to college soon.  What I like about these lists is that they are simplistic yet powerful.  Attainable, yet not every girl will make the cut!  We just did 'temperament' identifiers today.....wasn't 'choosy' one of the identifiers???  ;)

Day 134: The Husband List

There still stands several years between marriage and my daughters.  Having said that......I like to "save" tidbits of information, wisdom and Godly advice whenever I come across it.  This blog is perfect for that purpose because if I simply include these posts as I find them.......then I will always have them when the time comes to "share".

This post is called the Husband List and it's fairly short (12 items) but they are the BIG things and I feel that many girls in today's world could really benefit from hearing them!  Don't fret fellas.....there's a list for you too!  ;)  see my next post!