Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 11: 9/11 Remembering a day that United America!

I love America!! I love the stories of hope, courage and a nation united......what a beautiful memorial being created at Ground Zero!  Watching the footage today....... I swell with pride and compassion.  I am inspired to post.......from a different perspective a decade later.  Rememberence of a day that United US.
  So much of the tragedy of that day included horrific facts, details and such sadness.  While I would never intend to take anything away from those who lost ........I was inspired by God's presence in it all.  If we only choose to acknowledge that He was in control.  He allowed that tragedy......and those of us who believe, know that He can (and in many ways--already has) turned the evil we witnessed on that day.......for a greater good.  Evil does not win.  Ever.  
Several writings have been published with stories from that day......detailed accounts from those who were there......cell phone conversations taking place simultaneously while the world watched......and I am amazed by  the inspiring statistics from the tragedy- a testament that God's blessings can be found........the four hijacked planes which could have held 1000 ppl-only held 266, the courage and calm recorded in the voices of those on the planes who FOUGHT like soldiers selflessly to save others, the towers which typically held 50,000 workers yet on that day had less than 20,000, the heighth at which the towers were struck- sparing many as opposed to possibly striking lower in the buildings, the length of time the towers held up before collapsing-making evacuation possible for 70% of the ppl, the way in which the towers collapsed straight down rather than toppling over-sparing countless other lives......and the countless other testaments from individuals who say a sick child, a coffee spill, flat tire, or some otherwise menial annoyance lead them to be absent from the disaster.  Yes-it was a tragedy......but only God knows how much worse it could have been. And yet, we were not defeated.  We bound together--UNITED WE STAND--and we have stood up-as a nation, a world, against evil.  We have come together stronger, and through adversity-many have strengthened their faith or found it.  I can still remember with tears strolling down, watching as members of Congress gathered together on the front lawn of  the Capitol and sang "God Bless America". 
September 11--I remember.......and I thank God for our heroes of that day......and the heroes who continue to serve and protect us.  One Nation-Under GOD!