Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 27: Star gaze

I know I've posted before on how my daughters love Taylor Swift and how I am pleasantly surprised that she writes clean music, loves her parents and dresses very classy so I'm glad they have a good role model in popular music.  We've been to her concert and she writes her own  music (which my girls love because they are writers too) but she has an innocence that is adorable.  Well a couple nights ago my girls were so excited for the release of a new TS song and Mtv was premiering the music video. (Actually, I had a flashback to being about their age when Michael Jackson's premiere video for Thriller came out and it was mayhem!  My teachers even let us watch it at school-which was beyond cool for the 80's!) 
Their enthusiasm was contagious so of course I had to join them on the couch and we watched the premiere together.  I must say--it was so sweet watching my girls' excitement build and the gittiness they had over the whole 3 minute segment.  To be young and so enthralled!  It was completely cute!  It occurred to me that they won't always have this child-like excitement for their favorite singers and I'm so glad I can enjoy their music with them.  I am grateful that I enjoy their taste in music and like to listen to it with them.  We've had so many "best days" with Taylor Swift music as the backdrop over the years and her music will always be part of the soundtrack of their childhood.  I love that!

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  1. Well mom, if you had any other daughter she probably would get less excited when she gets older. But I will jump around and scream and laugh about ANYTHING that excites me now even when I'm 35. :) That's just my personality. Little things are important and mean a lot to me, so I jump around and get exctied!!! :)