Friday, November 26, 2010

Good music

My husband and I attended a Maroon 5 concert for our anniversary.  It was so good.  We did the Eagles a few years back for his birthday and I was just amazed how much concerts had changed (or had we???) They seemed so much more laid back than concerts of our college days!!!  I mean people actually stayed seated at the Eagles.......and honestly, I think we were the "young" crowd in attendance!   I knew their appeal went beyond age barriers......but evidentally people have been staying at the Hotel California for longer than I realized.:)    They were thoroughly entertaining nonetheless and such talented musicians! The Eagles sounded amazing after all these years and Maroon 5.......well they were amazing as well!!! 
She Will.............Be Loved <3
Let me add a special thanks to my dear friend who burned a CD for me of Maroon 5's newest albulm......soooo good!!!! So now I can jam out in the car!!  Great road music~

Day 7: Music

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