Friday, November 26, 2010


It truly is the season of giving.......just got word that a friend of mine from high school received the Barbie we sent her.......whole story: about a year ago I found out that she had NEVER had a barbie ( Her parents had "reasons".......or so they say, I know, I know....this borders on abuse :)  but when I found this out I knew I just had to get her a I told my girls about it and they were all over it.......they picked out the "perfect" one and I told them it was one of our "angel tree" gifts this year......I didn't tell them that she was my age, just that she was a "girl who'd never had a barbie in her whole life".........being the sweethearts that they are.....they immediately wanted to clean out their barbie "tub" and give her some barbies but I told them we'd just send her the new one.  Well, today she posts on facebook that it arrived!!!  YEAH!!!   I hope she plays with it for years and makes up for lost time!!!!  Girls and Dolls~

Day 5 Barbie :)

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