Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 57: Life, precious life

With the sadening, horrible news of the tragedy in CT......I post today in prayerful mourning of the lives lost.  I am certain that many are continuing their facebook,twitter and blog status updates as usual......but I can't bring myself to.  To me, it just seems that a moment of silence is in need......monumentally......and my only post would be.... no words......just prayer.

May God comfort and help to heal those affected.  May they find that their faith sustains them.  May their tragic heartbreak bring a light to this world that now more than ever, we need God.

As the stories unfold, much like other tragedies......we hear heroic deeds and countless acts of goodness among those facing the greatest evil they have ever known.

My daughter has already been writing.  Writing  a beautiful song inspired by her deep desire to help.  I cannot fathom this evil, yet I know God has an ability to turn all evil for something good.  My prayer is that the good that can come from this horrific evident to those who need to know it most.  And I pray that we always recognize just how precious life is.  A gift.  In Jesus name, I pray.  Amen.

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