Sunday, November 4, 2012

Day 53: Thankful post for November 13

13- I am thankful for a positive attitude.  I've always considered myself to be optimistic.  I always looked at the good over the bad and many might say I lived with rose colored glasses, but that's ok.  I think it has taken a different depth as I've grown in my Christian walk because learning Godly wisdom has helped me to realize that often times, it is a matter of choice.  And when we choose to be thankful vs gripeful, when we choose appreciation over deprivation, we will find that our hearts are open to receiving more blessings from the Lord.  And maybe it's nothing more than being aware of those blessings......but one example I have is after reading a Christian parenting book that said something to the effect of changing attitude was a choice and it was not always in our nature to do so.  For some must really work at it--and if it doesn't come naturally, than you just need to be aware of that and consciously work at it in your life.  Then a few weeks later, I was folding laundry and realized I was less than  excited about it--when I was reminded of God's view on it--and quick as that-I flipped my attitude to one of gratitude.....changed the whole perspective on the task at hand and I instantly felt so overjoyed to have 3 wonderful kids TO DO laundry for! It's a choice, really.  Now that doesn't mean I'm perfect now and I always get it right--I don't.  But I am definitely more aware and quicker to catch myself when I'm not having a Godly outlook. 
Then this past summer, I read the book (which I've posted about) where a college friend of mine's daughter has leukemia (Heavenly Birth) and she later founded the reaffirmed my belief that our outlook is very much a choice and in choosing to look at the good, we are much better off than choosing to look at the negatives in any situation.  Some might call it Godly wisdom and I believe we all should seek it!

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