Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mommy Journal

I started this journal years ago on our (then) home computer.......I found it so rewarding but when that old computer finally kissed us good-bye........I was determined to get back to my mommy journal.  Now  here I am :) 

It's a combination--gratitude journal/bits-n-pieces of our lives......but a dear friend recently reintroduced to me the concept of a gratitude journal.............through I'm's close to Thanksgiving.............and why not?  My purpose was to leave something written.......for my read so that they would always have the perspective of life during their childhood as mommy saw it.  And so that they would know just how incredibly richly they have blessed our lives.  I guess losing my own father at an early adult age made this endeavor all that more important to me, personally. 

So here we go.  For my children~ I hope you will feel all the love and joy that you have brought to our lives!!!  God is good and His blessing of children is the greatest gift!

DAY 1   I am thankful for God.  The many blessings He has bestowed in my life and all that He is.....all that He does.......eternally.
Allow me to give credit to the originator of this wonderful concept:

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