Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 153: Appreciation

It's finally happened!  That moment we have heard about and all been waiting for to happen.  That glorious moment when your adult child comes home from college and says "I miss living in a house that is so clean.  This kitchen is so clean.!"  Ok, well that might not be exactly the words you've been longing to hear, but the greater instance here is the fact that YES, your children will, someday, appreciate their parents!!

It tickled me to hear it.  Especially since our son was often pointing out areas where our house could use some sprucing up a bit.  He's been away at college just a little over a full semester and he was pleased to come home for a visit this a clean house.  Much, much cleaner than his current living conditions- an apartment, loaded with 3 guys.  Messy guys.  Busy and messy guys.  He even went as far as to mention appreciation for his sisters and the "sharing" of the cleaning load that he used to have with them.  He put smiles on all of our faces with that comment!

So to all the parents out there.......who are currently feeling strapped and overwhelmed with the cleaning chores of running a happy home--fear not.  Your child WILL ONE DAY appreciate the cleanliness and efforts on your part to keep the house clean!

I always heard people say that one day your kids will grow up and appreciate what you did for them.  It's very nice to witness that moment and hear them express those feelings of gratitude in person.  

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