Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 148: Thankful for Technology

Technology gets a bad rap sometimes.   But honestly, it's super amazing!  I mean,come on......without it we wouldn't have the vast social media that we have today.  And I probably wouldn't be in my 40s staying connected to friends I had in college (or even childhood) without it.  SO for that, I am grateful!!  I often think of how much technological advances have really impacted my life and I am just.......thankful! Just tonight, I was  blogging about my students' latest Science experiment, and with in minutes, I had posts from college friends on similar experiences.  It's amazing!  One thing I remember my father he was a fore-father of technology......was that it had infinite possibilities.  I love that.  Knowing the possibilities are endless.  Knowing that we can evolve and grow and change and learn and advance to limitless points.  That in itself, is pretty awesome.  Then you add in intellect, and the basic desires of humans to  move forward and do things bigger, better, faster, stronger, :)  well, and then you get the picture!   So tonight's post is to TECHNOLOGY!!!  How much we love it.  How much we NEED it.  And how much we USE it in life!!!  

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